About John Beaton

John Beaton was born and grew to adulthood in the Canadian province of British Columbia. At age 20 he trained to johnthecanadianannuityguybecome a peace officer and subsequently served in this capacity for the next 18 years in the provinces of Newfoundland, Quebec and Ontario. Leaving the police force eventually led John into life insurance and annuity sales. As of 2016 he has been a life insurance and annuity broker for over 30 years. A life insurance and annuity broker is a person who has chosen to do business with a large number of life insurance companies in order to find the best products for a particular client’s needs.

Currently John specializes in advising seniors about the advantages of annuities in their retirement years. Annuity purchase prices change daily so the search for the right product at the right time can be daunting. He uses proprietary computer software to search the Canadian annuity markets to find the best sources for appropriate annuities for his clients. The fact that insurance companies do not all have the same annuity pay out values for the same purchase price can be overwhelming for a person trying to determine the best place to purchase such an important financial product.

John draws on significant life experiences to help him to find the best annuity fit for your specific needs. John will make certain that you are made aware of any annuity rate guarantees to protect your retirement funds during the process of transferring funds from your financial institution to the insurance company of your choice. There are no fees to you for his work in helping you to purchase your annuity. John is adequately compensated by the insurance company that supplies your annuity.

After many years of studying Canadian annuity markets, John’s services continue to simplify the process of shopping for the best payout for guaranteed annuities. John’s value added free service allows his clients to more quickly consider the offerings of many more sources of annuities than they would if they telephoned each company or arranged meetings with individual sales representatives. This translates into a savings of time and money. John makes certain that his clients know about the best guaranteed annuity payouts for the best purchase price. You are guaranteed to receive free printed quotes and expert advice without pressure to buy and your name will not be put on any mailing list just because you contacted John through this web site.

John is contracted with the following Canadian life insurance companies. Some offer all types of annuities and add ons. Some offer only basic annuities. Some don’t offer any annuities. Don’t settle for an annuity from one source before comparing benefits from all annuity providers. If you don’t shop the market, you may end up with a substandard payout for the rest of your life.


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