Happy New Year. I wanted to let you know I received my first annuity payment today and am totally delighted. This is my first “pension” payment and it feels good to get paid. Thank you again for your assistance. Sincere regards Ms. A., Toronto.

Problem solved and John Beaton (Canadian Annuity Services) was, to a large extent, instrumental in ensuring that our RRSP annuities were structured correctly. My wife and I are Canadian citizens but we now live in the U.S. During our residency in Canada, we built our RRSP accounts to the maximum allowed by law. But now, as we are approaching the age where we have to start withdrawals, the challenge became our U.S. residency which seriously limited out withdrawal options. John was able to identify an appropriate insurance company that firstly would accept our US residency; and, secondly, was able to deposit the monthly payments from the annuities directly into our U.S. checking account. Clearly, there were several issues that needed to be addressed during this process. John always researched and responded in a timely fashion with the answers which guided us through the entire process. He literally “went the extra mile” to meet with us while we were on vacation in Canada in order to ensure that the necessary documents were executed correctly. Based on our recent experience (June/July 2015), I can highly recommend John Beaton and his annuity expertise.